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If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’re not alone. Most parents, carers and teachers regularly have these thoughts.

I know I do.

As a Professor of Robotics and father of two young children, I get a better preview of the future than most. And it will be a very different world, one full of robots, self-driving cars, and artificial intelligence. Jobs will never be the same.

“How can I prepare my children?”

 “Will robots take my job?”

“Will my children even be able to get a job?”

I get these questions a lot.

No-one knows exactly what is going to happen.

What I do know is that the children who prosper in future will understand science, technology, engineering and maths.

And starting to understand it all can’t be left until primary or high school. Technology enters a child’s life from the first time they touch a smartphone screen or talk to a phone’s virtual assistant.

“My 3-year-old should be having fun, not worrying about the future”

Exactly! I thought the same thing. But I was still worried about preparing my kids for the future.

So I created the STEM Storybook, a beautifully illustrated collection of stories that introduce young kids to STEM concepts in a super fun way.

The STEM Storybook takes what kids already love to do – listen to stories – and embeds learning into the process.

How does the STEM Storybook help learning?

Take the Three Billy Goats Gruff for example.

If the middle goat is twice as tall as tall as the little goat, and the big goat is twice as tall as the middle goat…

… then that means the big goat is four times as tall as the little goat!

There’s no equations or questions. We’ve just tweaked a highly visual story that already has size as a critical plot element.

It’s not just size either… you can do the same just as easily for counting…

… and fractions…

Now counting and fractions is a great start. But they won’t be enough to understand the world of tomorrow. In the STEM Storybook, we simplify more complicated concepts and make them a fun part of the story.

Probability isn’t so hard when you have good visual explanations…

… the concept of statistical significance is easily illustrated using a group of animal friends…

… and acceleration and speeds are shown using everyday experiences familiar to children.

I’m Professor Michael Milford

The STEM Storybook is the result of years of work and testing how to make learning fun and effortless for people of all ages.

Over almost two decades I’ve created innovative educational products and activities for thousands of students. I’ve taught adults how to card count at World Science Festival, shown Federal and State Ministers how to crack codes on a mock ticking time bomb and taken students through action-packed movie scenarios where only math can save the day.

As one of the youngest full professors in Australia and a leading researcher in robotics and neuroscience-inspired technology, I know what science and mathematical concepts are critical for understanding the future.

And as a father of two young children, I, like you, want to prepare them as best I can for the future that awaits. I created the STEM Storybook for them: now everyone can use it.

New Discoveries with Every Read

After the first read of a normal children’s picture book, you know the plot and that’s about it.

Not so with the STEM Storybook.

Every time you read it, you can discover a new mathematical insight.

You and your child can discover and debate new possibilities every time you pick it up.

“If the gold nugget weighed less, would the helicopter have been able to lift it up?”

“How long is T. Rex’s tooth? Is it as long as my arm?”

“If I drop a ball, does it get faster as it falls?”

“If I got $3 per lemonade I sold instead of $2, how much more would I earn?”

And you can have fun with props as well – just get a few coins, or a ruler, or a ball, and have fun. It’s super easy and lots of fun.

Inclusivity for Gender, Ethnicity and Career Choice

STEM fields still suffer from a gender imbalance, amongst other issues. The STEM Storybook practices positive inclusivity, with:

  • Stories with both lead girl and boy characters,
  • Non-traditional gender job examples,
  • A mix of character ethnicities, and
  • A variety of career examples from traditional roles to entrepreneurs

What People Are Saying

Media Coverage

A Growing Global Phenomenon

The STEM Storybook started as a Kickstarter campaign – and attracted interest from around the globe. STEM Storybook supporters are from Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Croatia, Singapore, Czech Republic, Taiwan and Germany.

What’s Inside: 12 Stunning STEM-filled Stories

The STEM Storybook comes as a single all-inclusive 230 page, full colour book (softcover, hardcover or e-book) containing all twelve stories. Each story contains vividly illustrated pages filled with STEM concepts.


A group of animals works out how to find water: statistical significance & surveying


Animals, people, vehicles & aircraft race: speed, distance, speed units


Monsters come out of hiding to eat human food: fractions


Isabel earns her way to a birthday present: finance, subtraction, addition


Two friends search an island for precious treasure: counting and addition


How likely are common and rare everyday events?: probability


Ralph and Jessica save the day at a restaurant: volumes, weights, multiplication, ratios


Dinosaurs have problems fitting into modern life: size, width, height, length


Three goats take on a nasty troll: relative sizes, geometric sequences


Rachel plays with friends dropping balls, racing cars: rates of change, acceleration, constant speed


Construction workers struggle to move a massive gold nugget: weight, strength


Robert the robot takes us on a fun tour of robots: robotics

Answers to Your Questions

What ages does the STEM Storybook target?

The STEM Storybook is best for ages 2 – 8.

  • 2-3 year-olds will get some of the simpler STEM concepts when an adult is reading it with them.
  • 4-6 year-olds should get most of the concepts, and start to go through the books themselves after having read it with an adult.
  • 7-8 year-olds will start to read it themselves, and should get mastery of most if not all of the STEM concepts.
What if my child is struggling or advanced for their age?

The STEM Storybook stories range in difficulty, so there is something to suit every capability level.

The simplest stories are all about the basics like counting and basic addition, while the more advanced ones take on statistics and probability.

How long does the book take to ship?

The hard-copy book is shipped on demand to all around the world. Typical delivery times range from 1 – 3 weeks. If you want the book sooner, please contact us and we can arrange an express delivery.

The e-book is instantly downloadable as soon as you make payment. No waiting required! And available in a range of formats for your device.

Do I need to understand the maths myself for my child to get benefit?

Not at all!

The STEM Storybook is self-sufficient (as long as you can read the words to younger kids).

Learning’s always better when a parent’s involved though, so feel free to take on the concepts yourself as you read the books with your children.

What if we don't like it?

We’re confident everyone will love the STEM Storybook based on feedback from children, teachers and educators.

That said, if for any reason you’re not happy, you get your money back under our no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.

I’m confident you’ll love the STEM Storybook. But for peace of mind, it comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re disappointed for any reason, you’ll get all your money back. No questions asked.

Remember these key points

  • Introducing and familiarizing kids with key maths and science concepts will best prepare them for the future. The STEM Storybook is full of them.
  • The best learning occurs when it’s part of a daily ritual. The STEM Storybook is there at book time and just before bed.
  • Learning is best when it’s fun. The STEM Storybook is first and foremost a fun story collection. The learning is embedded in it.
  • If you don’t like it, it’s free.


Or get the e-book for only $14.95

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